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I am an attorney. When my daughter had a personal injury case, I followed the adage that never be your own attorney. Instead, I chose an attorney who I had dealt with and I knew to be an expert in his field and would maximize my daughters recovery. Her case was extremely difficult. Despite said, Mr. Taub processed the case efficiently and maximized my daughters recovery. He was there to handle every part of the case and has to put up with an attorney as a client. When I have personal injury cases I often refer them to him because he is an excellent attorney.
Julius Tunkel, Esq.

Asher Taub is my attorney. I find him to be an outstanding personal injury attorney. I think genuinely cares about his clients and also is the best at maximizing their money damage recovery. In my experience he's an expert at working with insurance companies and litigation as well. I would highly recommend him.
Michael Weitz

Our family was impressed with the level of professionalism and effectiveness of the Taub Law Group. They worked closely with us and were able to meet our legal needs.
Amy Hecht

I was employed with a company for 29 years. I was Vice President of Operations and I was fired unfairly. My ex employer’s son became employed with a different entity of the firm. He would make odd request from me. He was doing things to intentionally deface my character. At this point I realized I was being harassed and I made an official report with Human Resources, which really went nowhere because his father was the owner of the Corporation. Regardless, whatever steps I took to alleviate the situation, it would just get worse. At this stage, I was being verbally and mentally abused and nothing I did was right. I am a single mom who dedicated her life to this employer and at the end I was mistreated and fired. I decided to seek legal advice. I hired someone in the State of New Jersey and that attorney was horrible. I continued to do research and came across Mr. Asher Taub who had handled a Sexual Harassment case for a former co-worker of mine. Since I was my past employers right hand, I was privy to such information. I decided to give Mr. Asher Taub a phone call. When I called the office, I was able to speak to his partner. Mr. Taub was in Israel at the time. I was told that I would receive a phone call upon his return.

To my surprise, I heard from Mr. Asher Taub that evening. He actually called me from Israel. I expressed my situation with the other attorney and all he said to me was “do not worry” once I get back into town I will take care of everything. I was terminated on October 2011. The overwhelming emotions of losing my job created anxiety and I could not eat or sleep. My medical doctor suggested I obtain some sort of therapy to help with my emotions and anger. I again turned to Asher, who recommended someone who was wonderful and was willing to work with me (I had no form of insurance and no job) we worked out a deal and I was able to seek the Therapy that was much needed. Asher became my sole support system! He was compassionate, always available and very responsive.

Most importantly, Asher provided the skills required to provide the security that I required at that time and point in my life (not knowing what the outcome of my case would be). I was able to communicate with Asher via, telephone, email and text. I was able to call anytime I had a question or concern. Asher never avoided my concerns. The firm as a whole is wonderful. I would highly recommend Asher Taub and his expertise. Let’s not overlook the fact that the goals and desired outcome were reached and exceeded expectations. He looked out for me until the very end, even worked with my accountant to make sure my settlement was properly classified and not inappropriately taxed. The services received were phenomenal, but most importantly, the fact that my feelings were taken in consideration was priceless! I will forever be grateful. Thank you Asher for getting me through my nightmare flawlessly!
Diana Ortiz

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